What Is An Uninsured Deed?

An uninsured deed is basically a deed that has not been examined or insured by a title company.

The most common problems that arise due to an uninsured deed are from Quitclaim Deeds between family members, especially husband and wife.
When a person is added to title there is an opportunity for matters recorded against him/her to attached to the property.
Why Should it be of Concern?
In a sale or loan transaction the validity of an uninsured deed may be questioned.
  • Was it signed under duress?
  • Is it a forgery?
  • Was adequate consideration given to the grantor, and if not, why?
Uninsured deeds may also cause a delay in clearing title.
The following items may indicate that an uninsured deed is present.
  • The accommodation stamp
  • No title company name or title order number
  • No escrow number
  • A handwritten document
  • Recorded time is not 8:00 a.m.

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