WFG Covid Office Protocol

At WFG we have a tagline, “Everything We Do is Because of You.” It’s a statement we believe in deeply. With the unrest surrounding COVID-19 it remains our top priority to live this statement by protecting you and our employees, while continuing to do everything we can to service your title and escrow needs. Please review our updated policies below and stay tuned for updates as the situation is fluid.

Office Entry Protocol
  • WFG offices are by appointment only and are otherwise closed to the public.
  • Only the principals to the transaction may attend signings (for our valued realtor and lender partners we can video conference you in if you’d like to be present).
  • Upon arrival to our offices, please contact the phone number listed on the door for entry.
  • WFG employees will practice acceptable social distancing practices by avoiding contact and remaining at a safe distance.
Clean Office Protocol
  • WFG has conducted “deep cleanings” of all our closing locations.
  • Closings will take place in designated “clean conference rooms” or other clean designated locations.
  • Closings rooms will be wiped down prior to and at the conclusion of each signing.
  • WFG has hand sanitizer available and will use single-use pens, cups and water bottles.
Efficient & Clean Signing Protocol
  • Pre Signing:
  1. WFG has the ability to wire in earnest money to our branch locations.
  2. We offer video conference consultations prior to your designated signing time.
  3. Our employees can help you virtually sign eligible documents before your arrival.
  4. If you are uncomfortable attending a signing in a WFG office, alternative methods will be offered such as mobile notary services when available.
  • During Signing:
  1. We ask that each principal use hand sanitizer prior to their signing.
  2. Principals will be offered single-use, fresh pens to sign their documents.
  3. WFG employees will follow the best practices for social distancing during the closing.
  4. We have no intention of rushing you out our door; please ask any and all questions you may have about the signing.

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