Turnover, Turnover, Turnover

Housing Forecast

If you want to successfully farm in a geographic location it’s all about the turnover. Knowing the past, current and future turnover percentages in any given tract can help REALTORS® make the all important decision as to where they spend their time and money marketing to get the best return.

  • Are you a current GEO Farmer who wants to expand into another area?
  • Have you always thought about GEO Farming and never pulled the trigger?
  • Are you currently searching for a GEO Farm and getting bogged down in research?

Mike & Maria have access to multiple different systems that allow them to help you identify the right farm for you.

  • What are the turnover stats?
  • What does the future look like in each tract?
  • Is there a current dominant agent?
  • How many homes sold and what is the average price?

Everything you need to know about picking the right farm for you Mike & Maria can help you every step of the way.

Fill out the form below to contact us today. Don’t delay your GEO Farming any longer. The sooner you start planting the seeds to sooner you’ll reap your rewards.

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