Hidden Title Problems

Everyone loves those super smooth closings where everything falls into place. However, we also all want to make sure every file closes correctly, so there are no unexpected surprises down the road.

From the Title perspective, we really do not enjoy creating work or making transactions more difficult to close than it should be, and if we can find a way to solve a potential title issue without a lot of effort, we’ll find that option and suggest it.

What are we looking for and why are certain documents so important? We’re making sure the seller’s interests are covered while protecting the buyers from future claims and ensuring that the proper lender is in 1st position.

So what are Hidden Title Problems that trigger proper research?

  • Inaccurate or conflicting wills, trusts and/or unauthorized signers to a trust
  • Missing heirs who could suddenly appear and claim ownership of the property
  • Fraudulent use of a “power of attorney” or the use of a “power of attorney” which has been rescinded
  • Misfiled deeds and other documents in the public record
  • Forged deeds and other documents
  • Person or entity claiming to hold an easement giving the right of access across your property

These are a few of the Hidden Title Problems we face and when dealing with these situations we’ll want to take the effort to make sure things are done right to protect everyone’s interest in the property and your reputation as a Professional Real Estate Agent. (To view/download a more comprehensive flyer on this subject CLICK HERE)

Here at Team Langgle, we will do everything we can to ensure you have a smooth closing and when these situations arise we will do everything we can to ensure you have a proper closing too!

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